We have put together a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" below. If you have a specific requirement please get in touch

  • Can felt be supplied self adhesive backed?

    Yes, but due to air in the material, backings can dry out, weakening the bond over time. Also, as the materials will absorb water, the bond can not be guaranteed in wet conditions.

  • Is there a performance difference between white and grey/brown wool felt?

    No, not one that you would be able to notice. The grey/brown material is the natural colour, the white has been bleached. Most people choose white due to cosmetic preference and as it can be easier to see markings if they need to cut the felt.

  • Do you only cut felt and foam?

    No, if you need a soft material cutting into a shape, we can help. We are also happy to cut free-issue materials.

  • Can your felts be used with Velcro?

    Many of our synthetic materials will stick to Velcro hook, our woollen felts will not.

  • We would like to be environmentally friendly. Which felt should we choose?

    Wool grows naturally on sheep and is made of protein. It contains a high percentage of nitrogen and this allows it to biodegrade well, making it an obvious choice for the health of our planet.

  • I don't have a drawing, can you still make the parts I need?

    We can reverse-engineer items from customer-supplied samples, but if tight tolerances are required a drawing will improve accuracy.

  • I can't see the perfect material in your range, can you do specials?

    Although our stocks are extensive, we appreciate that on occasion you may need something a little different. We are always happy to investigate special requirements, but these may involve minimum order quantities.

  • What information do you need to make a recommendation?

    Ideally we need as much information as possible about the application/working conditions and the performance you hope to achieve from the material. If you have previously had negative results from a material, that information can be useful too.