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Cut parts – manufacture

Hardy and Hanson Limited is proud to be a UK manufacturer of cut parts. We are confident that our production can handle any volume, with available machinery including:

  • CNC automatic travelling head presses
  • Roller presses
  • Swing beam presses
  • Clicker presses
  • CNC CAD/CAM flat bed cutting systems
  • Band knives
  • Kiss-cutting
  • Slitters
  • Specialist packaging machinery

Form tools can be utilised to ensure dimensional quality and consistency, but specialist cutting systems, or hand cut parts, are also available for small batch, or prototype requirements (material allowing).

All parts are offered with a SAB (Self Adhesive Backing) – an area where we have extensive knowledge.

Our policy is one of continual improvement – our commitment to investing in new and improved methods and machinery ensures that Hardy & Hanson will remain at the forefront of felt and foam processing technology and a name that can be relied upon for a fast, friendly and efficient service.

We are also happy to cut free-issue material

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