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Woollen felts are produced by applying heat, moisture and compression to the fibres, allowing them to fuse together naturally without any bonding agent. They are measured by density in grammes per cubic centimetre (g/cm3).

Our engineering wool felts are made from natural fibres that are Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable.

1AmericanSAE-J-314 & CF-206
Produced to British Standard BS4060, our wool felt spec sheets can be downloaded from our Data Sheets page and include our manufacturing tolerances.

Wool fibres have small scales on the surface. This allows the fibres to become intertwined through the controlled application of heat, moisture and pressure. In this form the material can be cut, formed, drilled, turned and shaped to produce the required part.

Typical applications can involve liquid control, sealing, dampening and isolation, and polishing, etc, and one reason to pick wool felt is that, unlike many other materials, it can be used to deal with several of these requirements at the same time. Example – Bearing seals used both to lubricate and to keep out dust particles.

  • Our pressed wool felt is also flame retardant and self extinguishing.
  • Self-adhesive options available.

Woollen Felt Suitability Chart

Woollen Felt Suitability Chart – pdf »

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