COVID-19 Update.

Hardy and Hanson Ltd has become synonymous with providing a high-quality product and service offering to local, national and international customers. At the heart of this has been our staff – we have a truly committed and dedicated workforce.

The spread of the COVID-19 Disease is a worrying time for us all and over the past number of days our staff have performed admirably and done everything asked of them in getting work despatched to our loyal customer base.

The Board of Directors has been monitoring the situation daily and decided that, in the best long term interests of the workforce and company, and to limit the spread of the virus wherever possible, the safest option is to reduce manufacturing operations for two weeks from Saturday March 28th at 12.00pm except for Emergency Situations. “e” mails will be monitored and emergency contact details will also be provided.

We understand that the short notice of this announcement may cause some disruption and we can only apologise whole-heartedly for that but we feel that this is the safest and best option for all and in line with Government advice to #stayathome

Rest assured that HHL looks forward to returning to full time operations as soon as possible – ready to service any requirements you have.

Emergency Contact Details:
M Laycock – Sales and Marketing Manager – tel 0772 069 6071
Tanya Harrison – Sales Office –