The following notes relate to our fabric qualities FL-5412, FL-5414, FA-2020, FA-2021 and FV-2023. The fibre composition of all these fabric qualities is 100% acrylic.

1. BS.5665/EN.71 (parts 2 & 3)
FA-2021 and FV-2023 meet the requirements of these Toy trade standards.

2. Colour Fastness
These fabrics should not present any contamination problems. As measured according to BS.1006, Dry-rub fastness = 4-5, Wet-rub fastness = 4 (both on the scale to 8).

As far as colour fastness is concerned, these fabrics can be washed under HLCC.6 conditions (40°C): nevertheless, it is recommended that, for the first two washings at least, strong shades should be kept separate from whites and lights.

3. Processing: Mechanical
Exposure to rotary or reciprocating action may generate fine particles of air born fly which should not be inhaled. You should seek expert advice regarding ventilation equipment and inhalation-prevention precautions in cutting rooms etc.

4. Storage
Upon combusion toxic fumes may be released. The fabrics should be stored in 'No Smoking' areas which, in the event of fire, can be isolated from other working areas to prevent the spread of fumes. Under normal ambient conditions, the fabrics are effectively inert and present no health/safety problems.

For purely commercial reasons, it is recommended that rolls should not be stacked more than three-high (to prevent bruising): FV-2023 should be stored within the range 8-20°C.

5. Processing: Heat
Under certain circumstances, exposure to eleveated temperatures may generate unpleasant odours: whereas these fumes are non-toxic, they should not be inhaled.

6. Packagings
All rolls are delivered in large, plastic sleeves (bags). Please consider how you dispose of these packagings as they present a potential hazard to small children.

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