Hardy & Hanson - Felt in all Industries


Filter BagsHere we can supply any size of Filter Bag with single or double spring collars.

The felt can be treated for any filtering situation be it wet or dry. Anti-static properties can be offered and treatments against Hydrolysis etc.

This can be a bespoke item, requiring neccessary technical information at the time of ordering.

Felt Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes can be produced to any size required, and come with a natural wool colour base. We can supply with a single or contrasting colour lid. The bases can be decorated in many different ways.

Felt Canary Nest LinersSpecially formulated to prevent birds' talons from catching in the fibres. Please call us for more details - 01924 462353.

This item comes in a rectangular shape to a size to suit the user. Supply is typically to wooden furniture etc. manufacturers where large sanding belts are used.

These items are made specifically for the Leather trade to the correct density for printing, colouring and finishing the surface of the leather.

We have a range of Synthetic Felts to produce large gloves or gauntlets for use around 'food' ovens for bakers etc. Similar materials are used to produce insoles for boots and wellingtons where very low temperatures are encountered.

Slip mats and turntable felts from Hardy and HansonAs shown we offer a varied range of designs and colours of slip mats on which we can incorporate printing should it be required.


Processed Parts

Self-adhesive backing if required, felt kiss-cut parts.

Felt Strips

All types, densities & colours of felt can be supplied to your precise requirements.

Rolls of Felt

All standard types and densities of woolen and synthetic felt - whole or part roll

Polishing Felts & Felt Bobs

Polishing Kits - Felt Bobs with & without mounted spindles.

Decorative Felts

Stocks of coloured felts for notice boards, display panels, partitions, trophy & figurine bases, etc.

Handicraft Felts

For use in the manufacture of notice boards, display panels, partitions, trophy and figurine bases, etc

Educational Felt Packs

Felt squares, alphabet sets, numbers, shapes people, butterflies & animals in assorted coloured packs

Foam Products

Including industrial foams, acoustic foams, filtration & packaging foams.