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Below you will find a small selection of ideas and testimonials from happy customers, for popular craft uses of our handicraft and educational felt pack products.

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Cork bowl for pot pourri Cork bowl for fruit Cork bowl for sweets

We've just received three of your Cork Bowls - they're currently placed in our living room and kitchen and one in my office reception.

I must say how delighted we are with them - their natural look has a nice appearance and as you can see from the photos they look great filled with potpourri or fruit.

I decided to put the third bowl in my office reception and fill with sweets for visitors/customers - I've already received various comments both on the bowl and choice of sweets - so hopefully you might get a few referrals - I'll be back for my commission :-)

Many thanks

S. Mirfin

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Christmas tree decoration made out of glitter felt Angel christmas decoration made out of glitter felt Holly decorations made out of glitter felt
Craft uses for glitter felt Glitter felt Christmas shapes  

Thank you for the packs of glitter felt I received so promptly today they're great.

As you can see from the photos Emily and I have already been busy getting ready for XMAS and the felt looks great for adding to cards or simply making wall hanging decorations - Emily says she's making a series of mobiles to give out as presents to give to her friends at school.

Once again, many thanks,

Bev & Emily

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Felt People of the World Felt Christmas Shapes Felt Butterfiles

Here is a letter recently received along with photos of the items which the ladies from Bevin Community Craft Club made using our Felt Butterflies, Felt Christmas Shapes and Felt People of The World packs.

Dear Mr Haworth,

My group of ladies are very pleased you like what they did with your felt samples, and we would like to say thank you for them.

Because they are a blank canvas they are so easy to use and every person put into it their own designs and ideas each one added their own individual touch, they let everyone use their own imagination, which is good, because no two are alike, it was good to see how different people had different ideas how to create something nice. We would recommend their ease of use for all ages and abilities.

Thank you for the samples,

Yours sincerely,

Audrey Watson

Bevin Community Craft Club,




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