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Felt falls into three categories - Wool, Wool Blended (with other natural or synthetic fibres) and Synthetic Felt

Hardy and Hanson are pleased to encourage and support Agents and Merchants in the applications, specification and distribution of our extensive range of technical and industrial felts worldwide.

Our product range includes Felt Strips, Felt Rolls, Polishing Felts, Felt Bobs and Wheels, Decorative Felts, Handicraft Felts, Medical Felt, Printing Felts, Miscellaneous Felt Products and Bedding Industry Felts, Acoustic Foams, Filtration Foams, Thermal Foams and Packaging Foams

The importance of correct application and accurate specification cannot be overstressed. Incorrect application of a tehnical felt leads to poor performance with the potential loss of repeat business and confidence. Due to the many alternatives, over specifiation leads to uncompetitive tendering with it's resultant loss of potential business. Hardy and Hanson have been supplying and specifying technical felts for over 50 years and our expertise is here to help you. We hope that the following information helps you to help us so that we can both get it right.

The specification of wool or synthetic felts is obvious in many cases. There is, however, a large middle area where both will do the job. In such cases Hardy & Hanson can offer both, so allowing the customer to weigh technical merit against commercial advantage.

To specify a technical felt you need to ask:-
What is the application or need?
What types and qualities will the application need?
What density or weight?
What thickness?

WOOLLEN FELTS: When fibres are compressed with heat and moisture the natural fibre fuses together to form a solid material without a bonding agent. By repitition and variation of the pressure and with heat and moisture applied, felt can can be made harder and thicker as required.

Woollen felts are measured by density in grammes per cubic centimetre as illustrated in the table (below).

Where application demands high qualities of compression, elasticity, resistance to ageing and wear, high absorption and low abrasion, woollen or blended wool felts are ususally specified.

Within each density range, Hardy and Hanson stock many qualities, each has specific features and numerous finishes are available. We will be pleased to advise you on request.

SYNTHETIC FELTS: This describes all felts made using man-made fibres as a base. Polyester, acrylic and other man-made fibres will not naturally fuse together like wool. Hence it becomes necessary to mix and bind them together using barbed needles. Such felts are referred to as 'Needleloom'. Other synthetic felts are fused by chemical impregnations and heat, and these tend to be harder and more rigid than needleloomed felts.

Synthetic felt is measured by weight in grammes per square metre. It can be as light as 20gm2 or as heavy as several hundred grammes per m2. However, unlike woollen felts where density, hardness and thickness are all interrelated to tensile strength, synthetic felts owe their hardness and strength to fibre type, impregnations and finish. Hence, where a very strong, thin felt is required, synthetics offer advantages over wool. The same is true of high/low temperature performance and where pore size is critical to the micron, as in precision filtration.

Synthetic felts cannot match wool's performance in compressibility, elasticity, absorption and abrasion, but they can be harder wearing, and in applications where either can perform, can offer price advantage. Chemical compatibility to application must of course be considered. Wool and synthetic blends offer combinations of both fibre qualities, as in textiles.

The most comprehensive range of felt products

Hardy & Hanson is totally committed to offering the most reliable service available in the UK. Our considerable controlled stock holding keeps us ahead of our competitors in offering a 1-2 day service on all types and parts.

Woollen Felts: Rating Density: g/cm³ Typical Application



Light air, dust and oil seals



Gaskets, seals, washers, wicks, absorbent and resilient pads, cladding


Medium firm





Clutch linings, wiping felts, small cut parts

Extra Firm





Polishing, wiping, sander-backing, cut and formed parts



Extra Hard


Polishing, cut and formed parts,vacuum forming dies


Processed Parts

Self-adhesive backing if required, felt kiss-cut parts.

Felt Strips

All types, densities & colours of felt can be supplied to your precise requirements.

Rolls of Felt

All standard types and densities of woolen and synthetic felt - whole or part roll

Polishing Felts & Felt Bobs

Polishing Kits - Felt Bobs with & without mounted spindles.

Decorative Felts

Stocks of coloured felts for notice boards, display panels, partitions, trophy & figurine bases, etc.

Handicraft Felts

For use in the manufacture of notice boards, display panels, partitions, trophy and figurine bases, etc

Educational Felt Packs

Felt squares, alphabet sets, numbers, shapes people, butterflies & animals in assorted coloured packs

Foam Products

Including industrial foams, acoustic foams, filtration & packaging foams.